Thursday, February 28, 2019

Ways To Save At The Gas Pump!

Gasoline is a necessary purchase that car owners have to make on a regular basis. Cutting down on the amount spent at the gas station can free up some of your funds. While price checking and membership perk cards are a great way to save on gasoline expenses, improving your vehicle fuel economy can help as well.  The best car dealer in Mid-MO has provided some helpful tips to improve your miles per gallon (MPG) on the roadway.

Avoid Aggressive Driving

Not only is aggressive driving very dangerous for you and others on the road, but it is also tough on your fuel usage. Accelerating quickly and slamming on the breaks is not ideal for optimum fuel economy. Try to avoid driving your vehicle in an aggressive manner for savings at the pump.

Lighten Your Load

While this can be a tricky task, a vehicle with less weight has a better fuel economy. We are not suggesting you kick your family out of the car, but take unnecessary items out of the back seat or trunk. Lightening the load can improve your fuel usage and save you money next time you fuel up.

Inflate Tires

Ensure your tires are aired up to the suggested PSI level. The air in tires fluctuates as the temperature changes, check your tire inflation level periodically when the weather changes during the season. Properly inflated tires can help optimize your fuel economy on the vehicle you drive.

Change Oil and Filters

Regular oil changes can drastically improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Over time, the oil in your car builds up dirt and other particles that can hinder the performance of the engine, causing the fuel efficiency to suffer. When an oil change is performed, the filters are typically changed at the same time, helping the engine perform better for optimum fuel economy.  Make sure you schedule regular oil and filter changes for your vehicle.

While there are a number of fuel-saving cards and membership reward programs available for savings on gasoline purchase, maximizing your fuel economy can save you money as well. Spieler’s Incorporated wants to help you save at the pump. For all of your service and repair needs, come to our service department in California, Missouri. Give us a call at 573-796-3129 to schedule your vehicle maintenance appointment today.

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