Thursday, April 12, 2018

Buckle Up, Phone Down - Make Our Roadways Safer

Driving a vehicle is a major responsibility. Here at Spieler's Inc., we care about the safety of all of our customers, friends, and family. As a driver, it's your duty to help make the roads a safer place for everyone. Distracted driving leads to a number of vehicle crashes and injuries each and every year. Help make Missouri roads safer by participating in the Buckle Up, Phone Down campaign.

What is #BUPD

BUPD stands for Buckle Up, Phone Down and it's the driving force behind making our roads a safer place for all. Pledge to always buckle your seat belt when a vehicle is moving AND leave your phone down if you are driving. 688 people died on Missouri roads in 2016 - 62% were unbuckled. A seatbelt restraint can help save lives! It's important to increase your chance of survival should you be involved in a collision. Crashes involving cell phone use rose by 11% in 2016, as well. It's an epidemic and it needs to stop. Any text message can wait until you have safely arrived to your destination. When you look away from the road to glance at your phone - even for a second - you are taking your attention away from driving. The roadway conditions around you can change in a split second and you may be caught off-guard, especially if you aren't even looking at the road!

Take the pledge to #BUPD at

Tips to Stick to #BUPD

1) Make a game of it. As you and your family gets into a vehicle, encourage everyone to buckle their seat belts before the car goes into drive. Make buckling up more fun by racing to see who can buckle their belt first!

2) Keep a picture of a loved one close. Consider putting a picture of your family or other loved ones on your dash or visor. This is a great reminder of people you care about and who count on you to make it home. If you are tempted to use your phone while driving, think about your loved ones.

3) Turn your phone off. If you are tempted to use your phone while driving your vehicle - eliminate the distraction and turn your phone off. There are apps available to make driving safer. These apps can turn off all notifications and some will even send an auto-response message that you are driving to anyone who texts you while driving.

Now that you've learned more about the #BUPD campaign and how to avoid distracted driving, you can help make the roadways a safer place. It's simple - buckle your seatbelt and put the phone down while driving. As your trusted car dealership in mid-MO, we want you to remain safe on the roads.

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