Friday, August 18, 2017

Ways to Reduce Your Fuel Consumption

Fuel economy is always a hot topic, no matter what type of vehicle you drive. Cutting back on your fuel consumption can help reduce your frequency of fill ups at the gas station. Changing a few of your driving habits can have a big impact on your fuel consumption. The best car dealer in central Missouri is here to help you keep your fuel usage at bay. Take a look below for some easy driving changes you can make in order to improve your fuel consumption.

Plan Your Trips Ahead

It's best to take one trip instead of several to run your errands. Think ahead of all the places you need to go before you leave home. Start at the location furthest away and work your way back toward your home. This can help to reduce the waste of unnecessary gas driving all over town. While it does not always work out to plan ahead and take one trip, it's best to minimize the amount of trips to and from your home throughout the day.

Secure the Gas Cap Correctly

About 147 millions gallons of gas were lost last year due to evaporation. Ensure your gas tank cap is on tight and secured properly. This can help keep the gasoline you purchased exactly where you want it - inside your gas tank.. If you have a faulty cap, try to get that repaired as soon as possible.

Watch Your Speed

While it's typically suggested to drive the speed limit to reduce your chance of getting a speeding ticket, it can also improve your fuel consumption. Keep an eye on your speed as you travel down the road. Whether it's through town or on the highway, it can still impact your fuel efficiency.

Coast Down Hills

With gravity on your side, don't waste extra fuel by accelerating down a hill. Try to cost when traveling down a big hill. You will use enough fuel getting up the hill, you may as well take advantage of a low fuel trip down the hill.

Activate Cruise Control When Possible

Using cruise control can help keep your acceleration at bay when traveling a constant speed. This also helps when saving on the amount of fuel your vehicle uses as you drive down the highway. If you don't have a vehicle with cruise control, try to keep an even speed when traveling to avoid speeding up and using extra gasoline.

Accelerate and Brake Slowly

Slamming on the gas and accelerating quickly can use much more fuel the needed. If you are worried about the amount of money spent at the gas station, avoid racing people off the line at stop light or down the highway. When it comes to brakes, it's also a good idea to take it easy, if possible. To reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle, try to accelerate and brake in a slow manner.

Are you ready to save money at the gas pump? Implement the tips above to help improve your fuel consumption. No matter if your driving to work or taking a road trip, it's typically a goal to save on gas money. Here at Spieler's Inc., we want to help you reach maximum fuel efficiency in any vehicle you drive. If you'd like to invest in a more fuel efficient ride, come on down to our California MO car dealership to check out our selection. Our sales staff would be pleased to help you find the right ride for you and your family!

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