Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Manual vs Automatic Vehicles

Many people wonder which is better, a manual or an automatic shift. There are pros and cons to both transmission types. Your trusted car dealer in California, MO is here to help you distinguish which is best for you. Drivers usually gravitate to what they know and are comfortable driving.

Manual Transmission

Driving a stick shift, or manual, takes a little practice. You have to physically shift through the gears as the car accelerates. In order to shift, the driver needs to engage the clutch which is usually a separate pedal to the left of the break. The process of pushing in the clutch to shift into the next gear can be intimidating to some drivers who are not comfortable with this method. Once you master shifting, it should be a smooth transition from gear to gear.

-Cost of Purchase
Typically, manual transmission vehicles cost about a thousand dollars cheaper than their automatic counterparts. Not every vehicle is made in a stick shift option, so finding the right car for your needs that is a manual may be challenging.

-Maintenance Cost
The cost associated with maintaining a stick shift vehicle is usually less than an automatic. There are less parts to deal with in the shifting mechanism, which makes working on them a little easier. Transmission fluid does need to be replaced periodically to ensure the moving parts are lubricated, but does not need to be done as often as with automatic transmissions.

-Fuel Economy
Manual shift vehicles typically get 2-5 mpg better on fuel usage than automatics. This can save a significant amount of money at the gas pump over the lifespan of the car.

Automatic Transmission

Many people believe that operating an automatic transmission vehicle is much easier than a manual. The shifting of gears process still takes place, but it is done by a mechanical feature internally. No extra steps need to be taken by the driver. The convenience factor makes a big impact when people are selecting an automatic over a manual. For those that are used to driving a manual, a big difference when driving an automatic is that you have to hold the break down when at a stop.

-Cost of Purchase
An automatic car usually costs a little more than a stick shift, as stated earlier. Many people justify this because of the inconvenience of having to physically shift through the gears when driving.

-Maintenance Cost
Many mechanics would prefer to work on a manual shift, therefore the expense for repairs on an automatic are higher. There is an additional internal feature that actually does the shifting for the driver. This is another part of the vehicle that can break down when it comes to repairs.

-Fuel Economy
Automatic vehicles traditionally get worse fuel economy than manuals. Since fuel economy is such an important buying factor in the car industry right now, many automakers have worked on improving the fuel economy of automatic transmissions.

The debate between automatic and manual shift is an ongoing one. When choosing between the two transmission types, it really comes down to personal preference. If you are used to a certain shifting method, that is usually what you will gravitate toward. The best car dealer in Mid-Mo can help you determine which transmission option is the best for you and your needs. When you are in the market for a new vehicle, visit the expert team at Spieler’s Incorporated.

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