Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dangers of Leaving Your Pets in the Car During Summer

Hundreds of pets die each year due to overheating because their owners leave them in the vehicle. Even if the heat is not fatal for your furry friend, the high temperature can still cause illness and heatstroke. You may think that you will be quick running your errands, the best car dealer in Mid Missouri is here to help you understand the dangers of leaving your pet in the car even for a short time.  The temperature inside your vehicle increases rapidly in the summer months. Within ten minutes, the interior of your vehicle can rise about twenty degrees. Many people try to keep their cars cooler by partially rolling a window down. While this can help with air flow for your pet, it does not combat the high temperature completely.

How Pets Cool Down

Sweat is the primary defense our bodies use against heat. While humans sweat through glands on the skin, pets excrete sweat differently. The fur that covers the skin on cats and dogs makes it difficult for sweat to escape their bodies; therefore, their feet is the main location for sweat to exit their bodies. The lack of sweat glands covering the bodies of pets is one reason they overheat more quickly than humans. Animals also pant when the temperature is uncomfortable for them. Panting helps distribute air to cool down their bodies. If the air they are inhaling to pant is warm, this makes it harder to self-cool.

Warning Signs Your Pet is Too Hot

A warning sign that a pet is getting too warm is that they will begin to pant heavily. Moving slowly is another sign that your pet may be overheated.  Your pet may also begin to have a rapid pulse, start vomiting, or their eyes may become glazed over. Once an animal is overheated, they become weak and can collapse. Some animals suffer from nervous system failure, which can cause brain damage among other impairments. Pets who suffer from being overheated can also suffer from permanent cardiovascular damage. Being overheated can be fatal for your pet.

Precautions to Prevent Your Pet from Overheating

There are precautions you can take to help prevent your pet from overheating in your vehicle this summer. The most advised and safest option is to leave your furry friend at home when you are out and about. Leaving your car running with the air on is another option to keep your pet cool during the warm months. If you do bring your pet with you in the car, remember to keep cool drinking water available. If you see any of the warning signs of heat exhaustion in your animal, quickly take them into an air conditioned establishment to lower their body temperature. You can also help cool your pet down by placing damp rags on its feet and body.

Getting overheated for a pet is very dangerous. It can cause sickness and even death in some circumstances. The temperature inside a vehicle can rise to a life threatening level very quickly. If you notice your vehicle having issues with the air conditioning, bring it into our vehicle maintenance department Spieler’s Inc. Keep your pets safe this summer by being aware of the dangers of leaving them in hot vehicles. 

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