Thursday, January 21, 2016

Stuck in the Snow? Try These Tricks to Get Back on the Road!

Driving in snowy weather is a stressful situation. Sometimes it's made even worse when you get stuck! The best car dealership in Missouri knows that snowy road conditions make for prime opportunities for your vehicle to get stuck. We've come up with a few tricks that may help keep you from getting stuck in the snow or get you moving again after your car has stopped. The #1 Chrysler, Dodge, Ram dealer near Jefferson City wants to keep you as safe as possible on the road when the weather gets rough.

Don't Stop Moving

When you feel your car begin to slide due to snow, sleet, or ice, your first instinct may be to hit the brakes! Unfortunately, this is one of the worst choices to make. Your vehicle has lost control and traction on the road, which are both needed in order for your brakes to work properly. A better option would be to gently press the brake and gradually slow down the vehicle, stopping only if necessary to gain control. 

If your vehicle is already stuck, the same rule applies: Don't stop moving! Gently rocking your vehicle between reverse and the drive positions may give the wheels enough momentum to rock out of the problem. Stopping your vehicle removes all the momentum you've built up, making it more difficult to get your car out of the situation. 

Don't Spin Your Tires

Unfortunately, the first thing many drivers tend to do is accelerate to attempt and try to unstick their car. By rotating your tires against the mix of ice/snow/ground, you could be tearing up your tires! Even worse, you could be accidentally making the situation worse by digging your car into a deeper hole! Instead, gently press the gas pedal, rocking in and out of the stuck area until you are able to rock out and drive away safely.

Get a Better Grip

If you're already stuck, it's usually too late to add chains to your tires, but you can still gain traction! Grab some sand or small rocks and place them on the front/back side of the tires to gain traction and hopefully manuever out of the situation. Popular items used to gain traction are:
  • Sand
  • Rock salt
  • Kitty Litter
  • Cardboard
  • Branches and sticks
  • Rocks (quarter sized or smaller)
  • Floor mats (last resort) 

Dig Out a Path

Sometimes there's just no better method of getting a car unstuck than digging it out of the snow and ice. Make sure your tires are pointed straight and dig out a path leading the car to stable terrain. This is the longest and hardest method of getting your car unstuck, other than sitting and waiting for a tow truck. It's recommended that you carry a shovel and/or some salt in your car if you're expecting inclement weather. These tools will prove invaluable should you get stuck.

Spieler's Wants to Make Sure You're Safe When Bad Weather Hits!

Bad weather increases the chance of an accident. Missouri's most trusted car dealer wants everyone to be as safe as possible should inclement weather occur. By practicing safe and effective driving, you may be able to mitigate the risk of an accident. Should you find yourself stuck, try one of our tricks from above to help get your vehicle back on the road! 

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