Friday, September 25, 2015

How to Improve your MPG

Everyone has a tip when it comes to improving your fuel economy.  As the best car dealer near Jefferson city, we've heard some tall tales from customers about Fuel economy. Notable stories include manual transmissions getting better gas mileage and trailing semi trucks to coast in their shadow.  While these are completely untrue and more than slightly dangerous, there are several handy tips that are TRUE.  Here are 5 tips everyone needs to know to maximize the fuel efficiency of their vehicle. 

Let off the Gas!

Instead of putting the pedal to the metal at the green light and racing forward, gradually accelerate.  Driving with quick acceleration kills the efficiency between the engine and the wheels, and the return is a marginally faster beginning.  Once your up to speed, set the cruise control and coast.  Most vehicles are optimized to move at 65 MPH or less, and anything over that will directly reduce your fuel economy. 

Change the Oil and Filters

No, your mechanic isn't trying to get into your wallet. Being regular with oil changes drastically improves the fuel efficiency of your engine. As a car or truck runs, the engine will slowly gather dirt from natural wear and tear. The oil picks this dirt and dust up and loses a lot of its properties: causing the engine to work harder. Changing the oil not only keeps the engine running smoothly, but also allows the mechanic to look at and change the air filter. A dirty air filter prevents the engine from getting enough air to work at peak efficiency- costing you in miles per gallon.

Enjoy the Temperature

No one recommends driving around with the windows down in the middle of the summer, or winter. But if there's no need to have the air conditioner running, get those windows down and enjoy the weather.  This simple trick will keep the vehicle from drawing on the engine to make the air cooler.  This tip was even proven on Mythbusters - driving with the windows down is more fuel efficient than driving with the air conditioning on. 

Air Up the Tires

The tires on a vehicle fluctuate in air pressure every year due to the weather.  Every car or truck has a set amount of PSI that each tire should be at.  Should a tire become over or under-inflated, your fuel economy will.

Use the Brakes Less

If you combine the 1st tip of accelerating smoothly, and pay attention to the road, brakes can be used much less than before.  When brakes are applied to a vehicle, they stop or slow down the momentum. This forces the engine to work back up to the speed you wish to reach and is one of the hardest things on an engine.  This is why stop-and-go traffic is so hazardous to the fuel economy, and why most vehicles have two written numbers for MPG : Highway and City.  Use the brakes less by modulating your speed to increase peak fuel efficiency.

Safety First

The number 1 way to improve the average miles per gallon of a vehicle is to drive safely. Here at the best new car dealership in Jefferson City, your safety is incredibly important.  Maintaining safe speeds and utilizing these tips will improve your fuel economy, as well as optimizing the vehicle for your protection.  Come down to Spieler's Incorporated for all your car repair needs and we'll make sure your vehicle is at peak performance before you drive off the lot!

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